Name: Shane Soutter

Born in Mildura, Victoria 1958.

Car Show Judge and car Builder.

Started building/modifying cars in 1978 with a Holden HD, taking out his First Car Trophy in Orange, NSW in 1979. After winning his first trophy it started his creative passion for car modifcation. Starting with Street Machines up untill the late 90’s, when he discovered a new interest in the Japanese Domestic Market, starting with a Nissan 180SX as a daily driver, which then evolved into the Showbreed PURESX.

As the 180SX evolved, it became too hard to drive as a daily, so a R32GTST was bought so the 180SX build could start. The 180SX build involved a lot of “Old School” inspirations – Chrome and Billett peices, which was never/rarely done with the JDM Cars back in the day. During the Seven years of the build, it introduced me into a whole new world, Car Shows, TV Shows, Countless  Worldwide Magazines, DVD’s, and endless questions about building techniques and designs. This build then brought about other projects with included SNIPER a 1991 R32 GTR and RBWARE a 1994 R32GTR (present) in 2007, and a 1972 Chev Corvette thats was rebuilt from the ground up .

These 2 R32GTR’s brought a different style of build, design, and devlopment, not so much Show, more Track oriented, keeping it true to the GTR heritage.

This then stemmed into the current project R34 GTR – SNCR34, which is a “Tidy Daily” with slight modifications to power, and handling while still maintaining the GTR heritage.

I have in recent times branched out, or more to the point gone back to my roots of my passion and I am now the proud owner of a C3 1972 Corvette Stingray, which will be a new project that will keep me entertained for the next few years.

I am  intense – always thinking, always caring about something. I may seem deadly serious, but in the back of my unvoiced thoughts I am still got a teenager’s passion for cars and I love helping people with there cars and hopefully helping them with whatever I can do for them in life .                

What new trends do you see?  Wow, that’s a tough question.  It’s like asking how long is a string! The whole automotive culture and customizing scene seems to move in waves.  All of a sudden a new expression or approach comes along.  When you look at it closely it often has a foundation is earlier car culture.  I have said many times there are no wrong answers in car customizing.  Do what you love, express you personality, and have fun!